Yoga VS Stress – It’s On!

This holiday season, wouldn’t it be nice to have more time with your family, spend less and feel more? I promise you it’s possible. By carving out time to move, breathe and be intentional – you can relieve stress, plan better and create the holidays you imagine. Here is why…

Stress can create a snowball effect in our bodies and minds. I am sure we have all felt it. One thing goes wrong, then another and pretty soon we are in a full blown moment of anxiety. Our thoughts are scattered, our breathing is ragged and we feel completely out of control. This is because like attracts like, meaning when we are stressed we aren’t thinking clearly and therefore we aren’t acting intentionally so things begin to compound upon each other. But…there is good news! Since like attracts like, we can also say that the opposite is true.

When you start your day with yoga, you set yourself up for positive results. You create a calm and peaceful internal environment in your body and mind as well as bringing intention and awareness to the day ahead. You have a chance to set the tone, and contrary to popular belief, taking time for yoga ADDS time to your day, it never takes it away. This is because we act more efficiently, we breathe more efficiently and therefore we move through the day from a calm and intentional place.

Don’t believe me? Let me explain how this works. Our breath is the one bridge we have between the automatic systems in the body and the ones we control. It has been said that the breath is the physical act of thinking. When we harness the power of our breath through pranayama – one of the parts of a simple yoga practice – we calm the body and the mind. Then, we are able to intentionally move away from the stress response, bringing ourselves back to a state of relaxed, grounded thinking.

Give yourself a gift this holiday season. Make your peace of mind and the holiday you want to create a priority. By carving out time for your practice, you set yourself up for success, reducing stress and finding more time for the things you love, including yourself!

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