Brave Heart

The choice to love is a brave one. It’s easy to hide behind the cloak of fear because we don’t really take a chance when we aren’t out in the open. Sometimes, loving actions or words can change a life, and other times they can leave you feeling rejected, hurt and vulnerable. Feeling like this is the chance we take when decide to step forward and leave ourselves open to the crossfire.

In life, we experience people who are negative, manipulative, deflective and mean. When we look at them through fear, we see everything about ourselves they must not like. We wonder what we did that made them mad or grouchy and quickly move into a downward spiral about all of the things that are wrong inside ourselves.

However, when we experience the same people and look at them through love, we see their hurt, their pain and their journey and don’t feel the need to take this on ourselves. How much healthier is that?

Don’t get me wrong. Even as someone who consciously practices love and gratitude, sometimes instinct kicks in and before I know it, I am muttering the F word under my breath. I am not perfect and neither are you. Expect waves, expect dips and expect flow. These are just opportunities for us to choose, over and over again, proving our fealty to love.

What it comes down to is, we can’t be afraid to take a chance, to be hurt or to be rejected. We also can’t be afraid of what comes up for us in the times we do get hurt or experience pain. A brave heart belongs to someone who knows light AND dark. Who feels all of it fully, without pushing it away and who accepts and finds love for even the darkest parts of their own soul.

Even knowing hurt is inevitable, I say, step into the crossfire. Be willing to be vulnerable and take a hit every once in a while. People are going to disappoint you, try to hurt you and control you. Try to see this through love and find empathy and gratitude for your own experience and growth. Be willing to be hurt, because in the end, it means you are also willing to be loved.

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