Let’s Be Less Important…

When I think of February, I think about hearts and love and PASSION. One of the most important parts of being passionate is also being creative in some way. Our creativity is linked to our health when it comes to being in touch with our desires and what we need in our life to bring us joy. Who doesn’t want to be more joyful, right? Joy and creativity reduce stress, boost our immune system and are an important part of our well being. I can promise you that if you are not being creative in some way, you are truly missing out.

Ensuring we continue to be creative in our life isn’t always easy, but it is essential. Creativity comes from the fiery depths of our emotions and often, we aren’t especially connected to that part of ourselves. We get stuck. We get stuck in survival mode because we are too busy working, paying bills and going through the minutia of day to day life. Now, while those things are important and very necessary – we all have to eat – they aren’t the entirety of what life is all about. Getting stuck in survival mode can create this illusion that everything is SO important. That is, everything besides us doing something fun, creative, whimsical and joyful. We start to take ourselves VERY seriously and I just want to keep it real by suggesting that we all become just a little less important…

When we are under the impression that everything we do is so extremely life changing to the world around us, we literally lose sight of who we really are. We take on unnecessary guilt and responsibility. What we have to understand is the fact that we are both EXTREMELY significant but also EXTREMELY insignificant at the same time. That means we need a balance. We can be gone tomorrow and the world will continue to rotate, people will keep going to work, have relationships, make and raise babies, etc. The minute we become so important in our own minds, it can actually stifle the creativity that is desperately trying to stay in contact with us. So how do we know? How do we know if we are getting a bit too serious about our place in this world? Well, you might experience the following:

  • A serious case of the “have tos” where you think you don’t actually have a choice.
  • A low sex drive or sexually related guilt.
  • Emotional sensitivity or anxiety issues.
  • Disconnected with the feeling of being joyful.
  • A schedule that does not allow for anything except what’s scheduled.
  • A detrimental lack of fun and laughter.
  • A lot of guilt.
  • A feeling that you are responsible for everyone around you.

So, if you connected to any of the above, it might be time to stop taking yourself so seriously. Here are some ways you can remain connected to your creativity, your passion and your joy.

  • Know that every action you take in your life is a choice. If you don’t like the choices you are making, know you have the power to change them.
  • Find a creative outlet and just begin. Whether that’s painting, writing, playing an instrument or something else, just start doing it. Don’t think about it being an important work of art, writing that will change the world or a musical piece that will be on the radio. Just do it because you like to.
  • Start a gratitude journal.
  • Be in the present moment and whatever you are doing, do it without expectations.
  • Carve out time for absolutely nothing.
  • Laugh longer, harder and louder.
  • Love bigger than you’ve ever loved before. Love nature, love yourself, love your family, love your partner and love everything you have created in your life.

The world does need you, but it needs the YOU that you really are…not someone just trying to survive. We are all here to share our gifts, to touch other people’s lives and to be inspired by others. We are here to connect with one another and love unapologetically. Let this month of love inspire you to connect with your passion and creativity and share it with the world. We are all waiting!!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Less Important…

  1. Moriah Diederich says:

    I love this article, Angie, thank you for writing it. I love that you not only present us with a very common problem (that I myself suffer from!), but offer some wonderful solutions on how to overcome it. Thank you for this well-timed advice! I too need to become less serious (as said in my super serious voice with a stern look on my face.)

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