For Students: There comes a time in your practice where you just simply want more. You want a deeper understanding of the body, of the asanas and of the philosophy behind your practice. You have felt and experienced the benefits, but why? This is where we will meet you – with deeper study and time spent understanding energy, posture and anatomy.

For Instructors:Where can you get engaging content as continuing education? Where can you integrate deeper learning with practical application? That is the purpose of BBU. This is a safe place where you can come, be part of a community and experience a deeper learning and understanding of yoga, asanas, philosophy, physical adjustments, marketing and so much more. Body Bliss Yoga is a certified Continuing Education Provider for the Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Instructor Continuing Education Hips

Intelligence for Instructors: The Hips

There are many complexities we deal with as instructors based on the individual mobility of our students. Learn the tools you need to provide your students with safe, functional movement as well as the practical application of asana as it relates to the structure of the hips. Look at ways to build strength and flexibility, plus common issues and challenges we might see in a class. We will deconstruct working with the individual in a group setting and the use of props to support a healthy yoga practice.


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Pelvic Floor Workshop at Body Bliss Yoga

Understanding the Pelvic Floor

Understand the pelvic floor in relationship to hip, back and knee pain. Also, learn to access the musculature effectively and engage in various positions. We will also explore the relationship in yoga applications and asanas, verbiage available to aid in students understanding and the importance of awareness in this part of the body. Class led by Debbie Lehner, Physical Therapist and Angie Cherry, E-RYT Instructor. Debbie holds a Master in Physical Therapy and specializes in pelvic floor.


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