Yes, we are partial to our instructors because they bring their “A Game” every single time they teach. Everyone on our team is at least 200 hour Certified, but more then that, they are dedicated to a lifetime of learning and exploring their paths. Our talented team of instructors take great pride in what they do and are experts in what they teach. We only ask them to teach what they are absolutely passionate about, allowing them to offer you the highest quality classes with the most heart.

All of our instructors are unique, caring and compassionate individuals who bring their own special flare, experience and knowledge to the mat each and every time they teach. This helps to make Body Bliss Yoga a very diverse and lucky studio to have them.

Please get to know each one of them below. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Jacquie Michelle – Owner

Jacquie Michelle is an E-RYT 500 certified instructor, FRC certified movement specialist, holistic nutritional therapist, podcast host, founder of BloomingHeartWellness and owner of both Body Bliss Yoga Studio and Little Warriors Yoga School. She was first introduced to the idea of yoga at the age of 19 when a good friend gave her a book about conscious breathing and meditation. Later she found her way to the physical practice and immediately fell in love.

Jacquie began her path to becoming a teacher in 2013 studying under Marianne Wells. Later that same year she completed a Children’s Teacher Training. In 2014 she completed an additional 200 hour training with YogaMaze led by Rocky Heron. In 2016 she completed a 300 hour training with Rocky and Noah in LA. She finds joy in teaching both alignment based practices and creative flows. Her classes are well structured, thoughtful, intelligent and a whole lot of fun.

Jacquie teaches Monday afternoon Happy Hour Vinyasa at 4:30pm, Monday evening Hatha Flow at 7:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday Slow Flow at 11:15am, and Saturday morning Yoga Fundamentals at 10:30am. Jacquie also runs our Children’s Programming and teaches Little Warriors Tuesdays at 4:30pm and Family Yoga the first Saturday of every month at 12pm.

Find out more about Jacquie at and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


Angie Cherry

She came to her mat in 2005 for healing, movement and balance in her life. What she learned through her practice was transformative and she was inspired to teach yoga to others. In 2012 she got certified to teach and through teaching, she hopes that others are able to experience a deeper connection with themselves and those they care about.

Her classes are creative, soulful and meant to be a haven for self-expression, curiosity and growth. She enjoys teaching to all levels and believes everyone needs yoga, every single day.

Angie teaches several classes per week and seasonal SUP yoga classes at Lacamas Lake.

Find out more about Angie at or follow her on facebook or Instagram.

Michelle Chamberlain-Burns

Although when you think of yoga, you may not think of all of the small tasks that allow for your studio classes to run smoothly and efficiently, there is some serious happenings behind the scenes.

Michelle is the keeper of the books. She is such an important and appreciated part of our studio and we just simply couldn’t live without her. She is also an amazing instructor that brings her heart to every class.

Michelle is a full time mommy and in her free time (which is pretty much never) she joins us as an RYT 200 Hour Certified Instructor. She teaches both yin and restorative yoga classes at the Washougal location.

Kelsey Keagle

Hello! I’m Kelsey Keagle, and I am a bright, charismatic and compassionate yoga instructor. Yoga has brought me to a path of self-healing, and I want to help others to feel the warmth and good vibes that yoga can bring you. I have a B.A. in Human Nutrition and graduated with a RYT-200 certification from the Yoga Bhoga Teacher Training (Portland, OR) in 2016. I connect with my students, meeting the individual where they are in their own practice.

My classes offer a balanced, thoughtful, and fun approach to yoga, interweaving philosophy with contemporary concepts and postures.

Kelsey teaches Friday 9:30AM Vinyasa , 11:15AM Yoga for Wellness & Saturday 10:30AM Fundamentals at Body Bliss East in Washougal.

Danielle Elizabeth

Danielle received her 200 Hatha/Vinyasa teaching certification from Yoga Bogha in 2007, but yoga has been a personal guide and support since she was a young teenager in the late-90s. Waking up early to chant with her best friend’s mother in Kundalini classes first opened the door to her path. A dancer since age 7, her mind-body connection has been an important part of her career as a physical artist.

When applicable, Danielle loves incorporating her training in dance, somatics, pilates, and improvisational art practices into her teaching, and yet also enjoys the grounded tranquility of traditional asana practices connected to slow, deep, intentional breathing. You can find out more by visiting her website:

Danielle teaches Monday morning Hatha Flow at 9:30AM, Thursday 6:00PM Vinyasa Flow and Saturday 9AM Vinyasa, all at Body Bliss East in Washougal.

Mari Coryell

After a casual home yoga practice, Mari Coryell began classes soon after Body Bliss Yoga opened in Washougal in 2012. The next step to deepening her practice was to join their first yoga Teacher Training.

With an emphasis on helping people stay as active as possible, Mari’s light heart and gentle spirit will gratefully welcome all who wish to share the yoga path. She enjoys supporting people as they find time to breathe, relax and practice self care.

Mari believes that yoga can be a tool for healing and is currently studying for her 500 Hour Certification.

She teaches Restorative in Washougal at Body Bliss East on Tuesdays at 7:30PM and Fridays at 6:00PM and at Body Bliss West in Vancouver Mondays at 7:30PM.

Matthew Schollard

A lifelong student of living, Matt believes the purpose of existence is experience, exploration of Self, and evolution. Inspired by Eastern philosophies, punk rock, yoga, windsurfing, and the overwhelming commonalities he identified in the people of Earth, Matt shaped his own unique guiding principles that have lit the way along a diverse and inspiring path. After an overwhelmingly successful 12-year career as a Special Operations Pararescueman, he found balance in his existence and knew he was ready to share the lessons and wisdom he acquired along his path. His powerful and engaging style of teaching encourages students to discover their own true strength and overcome their perceived limitations; and maybe a few handstands along the way.

Matthew Schollard at Body Bliss Yoga
Amanda Tomac Instructor at Body Bliss Yoga

Amanda Tomac

Influenced at a young age by movement and physicality, Amanda dedicated her early years to training and studying multiple styles of dance, while additionally immersing herself in other arts – gymnastics, volleyball, and soccer. Movement became her passion: her advance, and retreat. It didn’t matter the activity – it mattered she spent time in motion, connecting body and mind, engaging completely in the present moment. Craving knowledge and understanding of the foundational aspects and internal energies of the body, Amanda focused her concentrations on the wisdom of yoga and application of massage therapy. Her love for healing and authentic connections was ignited through traditional holistic practices. Continuing her exploration of self-discovery, she finds maximum progress to be a result of personal experimentation and reflection. Her fluid and challenging teaching style offers students the opportunity to advance control over their physical being, allowing deeper observation of the subtler energies within.