Yes, we are partial to our instructors because they bring their A game every single time they teach. Every one of your guides are at least 200 hour certified instructors. They take great pride in what they do and offer quality classes for all levels.

They are caring and compassionate individuals who all bring their own special flare to the table, making Body Bliss Yoga a very diverse and lucky studio to have them.

Please get to know each one of them below. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Angie Cherry – Owner

Angie is the owner and an instructor at Body Bliss Yoga. She came to her mat in 2005 for healing, movement and balance in her life. What she learned through her practice was transformative and she was inspired to teach yoga to others. In 2012 she got certified to teach and through teaching, she hopes that others are able to experience a deeper connection with themselves and those they care about.

Her classes are creative, soulful and meant to be a haven for self-expression, curiosity and growth. She enjoys teaching to all levels and believes everyone needs yoga, every single day.

Angie teaches several classes per week and seasonal SUP yoga classes at Lacamas Lake.

Find out more about Angie at or follow her on facebook or Instagram.

Michelle Chamberlain-Burns – Manager

Although when you think of yoga, you may not think of all of the small tasks that allow for your studio classes to run smoothly and efficiently, there is some serious happenings behind the scenes.

Michelle is the Body Bliss East manager in Washougal as well as keeper of the books. She is such an important and appreciated part of our studio and we just simply couldn’t live without her.

Michelle is a full time mommy and in her free time (which is pretty much never) she joins us as an RYT 200 Hour Certified Instructor. She teaches both yin and restorative yoga classes at the Washougal location.

Kelsey Drake – Manager

Kelsey was introduced to yoga in 2009 by her running partner while training for a marathon.She found the more she attended classes, the more she felt balanced, strong, and healthy both mentally and physically. After leaving her position in a marketing firm to stay home with her daughter, Kelsey began deepening her yoga practice and became passionate about sharing her love of yoga with others.In 2017, Kelsey received her RYT-200 hr certification from Body Bliss Yoga Studio, and continues to be inspired by the transformative power of yoga. Kelsey focuses on alignment in her Vinyasa and Yin classes, and her students are encouraged to play, breathe, and find their edge to discover their full potential.

Kelsey manages our Body Bliss West location in Vancouver, WA and teaches several times per week at both Vancouver and Washougal locations.


Allie Baden

Allie first found yoga in 2007 because she needed a college credit in physical education and disliked most traditional athletics. She immediately fell in love, not only with the physical movements, but the philosophy of yoga. Even when life took her in many directions, yoga remained a consistent thread. Ultimately, she decided to concentrate passion by completing the Fly High Teacher Training in 2017.

Allie finds teaching yoga unlocks her true passion and joy. She desires to provide an atmosphere of encouragement, peace, connection, and warmth in every class. Allie loves focusing on breath and energetics. When she’s not on the mat, you can find Allie serving coffee at a local coffee shop, taking her daughter on a host of outdoor adventures, or camping with her family.

Allie teaches Vin Yin Tuesday evenings at 6PM at Body Bliss East in Washougal.

Carla Slocum

Carla has an undeniable passion for the outdoors, yoga and her Spyder. She loves adventure and is always up for trying something new.

In 2014, Carla took Fly High Yoga Teacher Training with Angie Cherry to enrich her yoga practice, not sure whether teaching yoga was something she wanted to pursue.

However, being able to combine her love for nature and yoga was something she just couldn’t pass up! In 2015, Carla received her WPA Certification along with her Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga Teaching Certification from Paddle into Fitness. She now teaches seasonal SUP Yoga classes through Body Bliss Yoga at Lacamas Lake.

Danielle Elizabeth

Danielle received her 200 Hatha/Vinyasa teaching certification from Yoga Bogha in 2007, but yoga has been a personal guide and support since she was a young teenager in the late-90s. Waking up early to chant with her best friend’s mother in Kundalini classes first opened the door to her path. A dancer since age 7, her mind-body connection has been an important part of her career as a physical artist.

When applicable, Danielle loves incorporating her training in dance, somatics, pilates, and improvisational art practices into her teaching, and yet also enjoys the grounded tranquility of traditional asana practices connected to slow, deep, intentional breathing. You can find out more by visiting her website:

Danielle teaches Monday morning Hatha Flow at 9:30AM, Thursday 6:00PM Vinyasa Flow and Saturday 9AM Vinyasa, all at Body Bliss East in Washougal.

Heidi Hawk

Heidi has an extensive background of practicing yoga for 20+ years, teaching wellness for 30+ years and specifically teaching yoga for 6+ years. She holds a safe space in class for you to go deep into your own body and your own practice. All poses are on the floor, no standing poses so you can really get connected to your innate wisdom.

Her classes are set in a quiet and dark atmosphere so that your senses can calm down and you can tune in to you. Yoga has assisted her in healing and repairing her own body and she is excited to share this deep knowledge and wisdom of Yin Restorative Yoga with you. She inspires to strengthen your own practice by teaching you the beauty of listening to the quiet messages of your body and the deep messages quiet stillness has for you.

Hiedi teaches at Body Bliss West in Vancouver. Her Yin and Restorative class is Sunday evening at 6:30PM.

Jacquie Michelle

Jacquie Michelle is a certified yoga instructor, holistic nutritional therapist and founder of Blooming Heart Wellness. She was first introduced to the idea of yoga at the age of 19 when a good friend gave her a book about conscious breathing and meditation. Later she found her way to the physical practice and immediately fell in love.

In 2013 Jacquie completed her first 200 hour training under the guidance of Marianne Wells. She recently completed a second 200 hour training through YogaMazé led by Rocky Heron and is working on her 500 Hour Certification. She finds joy in teaching both alignment based practices and flow.

Jacquie teaches Monday evening Hatha Flow at 7:30PM and Tuesday Yoga Fundamentals at 11:15AM at Body Bliss East in Washougal. She also teaches Sunrise Flow at 6:00AM in Vancouver at Body Bliss West.

Jenna Eckert

Jenna has been practicing and teaching various styles of hatha yoga for over 15 years.

Jenna’s experience on the mat is where she ‘breathes her way to peace’ and loves that this happens through the potency of a physical heart-felt practice. She teaches yoga passionately, learning to face herself everyday in an honest and curious way and hoping to inspire others to do the same. Expect to breathe, move, sweat, chant and smile your way to bliss, remembering to add in a deep sense of Lila – divine play.

Jenna teaches Vinyasa Flow at noon on Wednesdays and Vin Yin on Monday evenings at 6PM at Body Bliss West in Vancouver.

Jessica Velazquez

Jessica is a recent graduate from Fly High Yoga School at Body Bliss Yoga.She also received her WPA Certification and her SUP and Fitness Certification from Paddle Into Fitness in 2017.

Jessica is so passionate about sharing yoga, both as a way to have fun and be physically fit as well as a way to heal the body and mind.

She is excited to be part of the SUP Yoga team this summer and subs studio classes when possible. She also teaches Vin Yin in Portland on Mondays at 7:30PM at Body Bliss PDX located inside Mod Physique.

Jessie Weyrauch

Yoga’s power to balance mind, body and spirit has provided me with a dynamic source of health and happiness. I truly believe that yoga is the “fountain of youth.”

My active style of ‘Flow Yoga’ was inspired by my teacher training in England, where I studied with Mercedes Ngoh at her beautiful wellness center, Yeotown. My classes blend upbeat music with aromatherapy to leave you in a relaxed yet energized state. I remain mindful of seasonal and lunar cycles and tailor classes to respond to the natural world. My hope is that your mind and spirit will stretch and strengthen along with your body, and I very much look forward to practicing with you.

Jessie teaches in Vancouver at Body Bliss West – Vinyasa Flow on Monday and Wednesday at 9:30AM and Fridays at 4:30PM.

Kelsey Deacon

Yoga found me after many years of playing athletics and my first experience was interesting to say the least! I am naturally a fast paced person and yoga really made me slow down, but also helped me to create strengthen, with flexibility. Flowing through the postures and tuning into my breath helped me relaxed, find an inner peace and also showed me how to be more mindful in my everyday living. I decided to further my practice and completed my 200hr power yoga teaching training in Chicago, IL. I love teaching, meeting new people and learning from my students. Every time I step onto my mat I feel a deeper connection with my mind, body and spirit and I hope you will too! When I am not on my mat, you can find me enjoying the outdoors, making food, cheering on the Green Bay Packers or wishing I was on a warm, sunny beach!

Kelsey teaches in Vancouver at Body Bliss West. Her classes are Wednesday evenings, 4:30PM Yoga Fundamentals and 6:00PM Vinyasa Flow.

Kelsey Keagle

Hello! I’m Kelsey Keagle, and I am a bright, charismatic and compassionate yoga instructor. Yoga has brought me to a path of self-healing, and I want to help others to feel the warmth and good vibes that yoga can bring you. I have a B.A. in Human Nutrition and graduated with a RYT-200 certification from the Yoga Bhoga Teacher Training (Portland, OR) in 2016. I connect with my students, meeting the individual where they are in their own practice.

My classes offer a balanced, thoughtful, and fun approach to yoga, interweaving philosophy with contemporary concepts and postures.

Kelsey teaches Friday 9:30AM Vinyasa , 11:15AM Yoga for Wellness & Saturday 10:30AM Fundamentals at Body Bliss East in Washougal.

Liz English

My personal intention is to show up as love in any situation. When teaching, my format is gentle and intuitive as I guide students to cultivate their own self-love by connecting to their natural state of joy and well-being. My hope is that after class, you will will feel as though your peaceful, yoga experience continues as a moving meditation into your regular life. For many years my own practice was peripheral to my life. I was busy with a young child, a photography business (, and my husband’s plant nursery business and didn’t take much time for self-care until a major health challenge shifted my priorities. My healing process included as many yoga classes as I could fit into my life, and I realized that yoga seemed to be the missing component to my optimal health.

To share this life-changing insight, I completed teacher training, which also deepened my intuition, confidence and passion for yoga. I’m so pleased to share the gift of this practice with you.

Liz teaches Gentle Yoga on Thursday evenings at 7:30 at Body Bliss West in Vancouver.

Liz English at Body Bliss Yoga

Mari Coryell

After a casual home yoga practice, Mari Coryell began classes soon after Body Bliss Yoga opened in Washougal in 2012. The next step to deepening her practice was to join their first yoga Teacher Training.

With an emphasis on helping people stay as active as possible, Mari’s light heart and gentle spirit will gratefully welcome all who wish to share the yoga path. She enjoys supporting people as they find time to breathe, relax and practice self care.

Mari believes that yoga can be a tool for healing and is currently studying for her 500 Hour Certification.

She teaches Restorative in Washougal at Body Bliss East on Tuesdays at 7:30PM and Fridays at 6:00PM and at Body Bliss West in Vancouver Mondays at 7:30PM.

Michelle Dickey

Michelle is a recent addict to the yoga lifestyle. In her little studio apartment in South Korea, where she resided as an English Teacher from 2014­-2016, she bought a yoga mat and cultivated her own inner fire to stay warm during the harsh Korean winters.

Michelle obtained her 200 RYT from Power of Now Oasis in Bali, Indonesia, and is currently working toward her 500 hour with the Yoga Medicine program, focused on anatomy and bridging the gap between the Eastern and Western yogic lifestyles.

Michelle likes to get down to the nitty, gritty basics of poses so she focuses on proper alignment for YOUR body. She likes to pair her flows with creative and funky music and uses hands-on adjustments and lots of engaging verbal cues (with a few added jokes throughout to make you remember to smile). She guarantees a safe environment for you to practice, sweat, and kick butt in!!.

Michelle teaches in Vancouver at Body Bliss West. Her classes are Saturday Vinyasa Flow at 9:00AM and Yoga Fundamentals at 10:30AM.

Nanette Yve

Nanette Yve began her journey practicing yoga in 2006 and completely fell in love- it healed her physical injuries and brought her deep relaxation. Nanette is a 300 hour certified yoga teacher, she offers private sessions, workshops and teaches weekly yoga classes. Her classes are Vinyasa and Hatha based that focus on alignment, meditation, pranayama and mantra. Nanette also offers special Yin Yoga classes with sound healing. In class, she intentionally creates a safe and accepting space for all bodies and all levels of students to practice yoga. Through her teachings she aspires to help students move through trauma that is stored in the mind/body/spirit to reveal their grounded, embodied and free self. Nanette emphasizes that what is cultivated and discovered on the mat are life tools for self transformation that can be carried out into daily life and put into practice at all times off the mat.

Nanette teaches Yin Yoga with a Harmonium & Mantra Sound Bath on Sundays at Body Bliss West in Vancouver at 10:30AM.


Saha Devi

Saha teaches the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan and her classes include an amazing Manifesting Gong Bath.
Growing up in the social upheaval of the Sixties consciousness revolution and the loss of her family when she was sixteen years old, sparked her search for what she calls “soul family.” She studied with many of the pioneers in the yoga movement and spent several years in India in study and service. Later she took her spiritual insight and enthusiasm into raising her family and her theater and film work in Los Angeles, CA. Then in 2005 when she faced some debilitating health issues, Saha found Kundalini Yoga and Meditation was her best medicine and she recommitted to her Kundalini practice, traveled to Rishikish, India and became a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor.

Saha’s gentle, yet challenging classes are appropriate for beginners and beyond. Her hope is to inspire physical, mental and spiritual self care to fulfill our highest joyful potential.

Saha teaches at Body Bliss West in Vancouver. Her classes include Kundalini Yoga and Meditation on Mondays at 4:30PM and Sundays at 6:00PM.

Samantha Brown

There are so many different styles of Yoga to choose from and every ‘Body’ tends to crave a different flavor of yoga. My body immediately gravitated towards Kundalini Yoga the moment I got my hands on my first Kundalini Yoga DVD with Ana Brett and Ravi Singh. I thought to myself, “What is this magical medicine?” The practice immediately started to infuse life force energy back into my body and I found myself having more energy than ever, more focus, and so much more creativity. I thought I was one of those people that “couldn’t ever do yoga” until I met Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is one of my personal number one ingredients for happiness and I am so excited to get to share it with all of my amazing students that I adore.

Samantha teaches in Vancouver at Body Bliss West. Her classes include Chakra Kundalini Tuesdays at 7:30PM and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Fridays at 6:00PM.

Sarasvati Hewitt

At the age of 19 Sarasvati took her first yoga class and then began  studying with Ki McGraw and Bob Smith in Seattle, Washington at the Hatha Yoga Center and at their school in Bali Indonesia. In 2003 she received her 200 Hr. Training.

Her teaching style has been greatly affected by Seane Corn, Travis Elliot and Sweethome Teacup. Sarasvati has  been teaching yoga for 13 years now throughout Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon. She has taught 4 year-olds through 94 year-olds. Sarasvati used to co-own a busy yoga studio in Portland Oregon shifted her focus to how Yoga and Neuroscience go hand in hand.

Sarasvati teaches in Vancouver at Body Bliss West. Her classes include Vinyasa Flow on Thursday at 9:30AM and Yin Yoga Thursdays at 11:15AM.

Tanis Morris

Tanis Morris has a passion for energetics, anatomy and inspiration. Her flows will challenge your body and your mind, but you will be having too much fun to notice.

Tanis weaves her knowledge of yoga, energetics and nutrition into all of her classes and she loves supporting her students as they become more aware of themselves and begin living a more intentional life.

Tanis has a love for life that’s apparent in everything she does. Her classes are joyful, supportive and always creative.

Tanis teaches Wednesdays at Body Bliss East in Washougal. Her classes include Bodysculpt at 6:00PM and Stretch Blast and Roll at 7:30PM.